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Innovation Week at Fletcher

January 29 – February 4, 2016 | The Fletcher School | Medford, MA

Join Us!

Please sign up for each event that you wish to attend. Additional information can be reached by clicking on the icon for each event and you can register by clicking on the Registration links for each Panel.

Jan. 29 – Design Thinking Workshop

A day-long workshop dedicated to design-thinking, led by strategy experts from frog design. Those interested in attending must register via Eventbrite.

Friday Jan 29 | 51 Winthrop
frog design


Feb.1 - Innovation and Human Rights

The panel on Innovation and Human Rights will focus on imaginative developments that advance human rights and global accountability.

Monday Feb 1 | 12.30–1.45pm | M200
• Nathan White – Access Now
• Farieha Aziz – Bolo Bhi
• Tanya Henderson – Mina's List
• Zachary Halloran – Ushahidi
• Kim Wilson (Moderator) – Fletcher


Feb. 1 - Innovation in Education

Tufts' very own Engineering professor Chris Rogers joins a panel including Lindsey Horowitz, a local 7th Grade ELA Teacher in Chelsea. Together, they will discuss the unbounded possibilities in education and recent emerging trends.

Monday Feb 1 | 7.30–9pm | C701
• Chris Rogers – Tufts University
• Lindsey Horowitz – Chelsea Public Schools
• Jessica Turco – Mabon International
• Ashley Lee (Moderator) – HIVE


Feb. 2 – Innovation in Action: Mapping the Arc from Insight to Implementation

Hear speakers from Paypal, POPVOX, and Xoom as they discuss how data and technology have transformed decision-making.

Tuesday Feb 2 | 12.30–2pm | C703
• Melissa O'Malley – PayPal
• Rachna Choudhry - POPVOX
• Theresa Pasinosky - Xoom
• Ravi Shankar Chaturvedi (Moderator) – Research Fellow, IBGC


Feb. 2 – New Trends in FinTech Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The finance world is being transformed by technology. How are big banks reacting to these changes? How are entrepreneurs using FinTech? We will explore these questions and others during our panel.

Tuesday Feb 2 | 7–8.30pm | C701
• Sarah Biller – State Street
• Jean Donnelly – FinTech Sandbox
• Mona Vernon – Thomson Reuters
• Rocky Weitz (Moderator) – CargoMetrics & Fletcher


Feb. 3 – BlueTech Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Massachusetts and Beyond

Karyn Polito, the Lt. Governor of Massachusetts will join us during this enthralling panel on the sea and new water technologies.

Wednesday Feb 3 | 5–7pm | C701
• Karyn Polito – Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts
• Carolyn Kirk – Massachusetts Dept. of Housing & Economic Developemnt
• Chris Rezendes – Internet of Things Impact Labs
• Ed Anthes-Washburn – Port Director of New Bedford


Feb 4. –  Fletcher Cross-School Demo Night

Rand Waldron, Section Chief of the FBI, will give an introductory speech on Innovation Challenges in the FBI. This talk will lead into Demo Night.
Demo Night is an incredible opportunity to meet exciting entrepreneurs around campus and here about innovative projects in your community.

Thursday Feb 4 | 7–9pm | M200
• Rand Waldron – Section Chief, FBI


Our Story

In 2014, our conference focused on bringing great ideas to scale. In 2015, the Tufts Innovation Symposium approached innovation with a focus on the "Customer in Context." This year, The Tufts Innovation Symposium rebrands as Innovate Tufts, inviting participants to keep the human-centric approach to “Think Local, Act Local.”

We believe that every endeavor starts with understanding your immediate stakeholders. We will look at cases that reframe our local campus to see and act on local problem. We will also see how entrepreneurs are interacting with local communities for their projects in remote areas around the world.